Matagorda County Infrastructure Projects Underway with $28M in Grant Funds

Written by GrantWorks, Inc.

Longtime GrantWorks’ client, Matagorda County, receives positive report on grant-funded infrastructure projects totaling $28M.

GrantWorks recently updated county officials of the Matagorda County Commissioners Court in Matagorda County, Texas, on the status of current and proposed infrastructure projects under administration by the grant management firm. Kelle Odom, GrantWorks Director of Client Services, and Client Services Manager Ashton Crow provided the update on the County’s over $28 million in grant-funded infrastructure projects, including: 

  • Precinct 1: Road improvement and upkeep including Boone, Savage, and Allenhurst roads in Van Vleck, Texas.
  • Precinct 2: An emergency operating/community center in Sargent, Texas.
  • Precinct 3: Completion of Palacios County Park survey and design work in Palacios, Texas. 
  • Precinct 4: An emergency operating/community center in Blessing, Texas.
  • County Judge Projects: Pending delivery for law enforcement radios and consoles as well as four 4×4 vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office. 
  • County Tax Office: American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding review for relocation or acquisition of Matagorda County’s tax office.

Matagorda County Auditor, Kristen Kubecka, recently said in a Bay City Sentinel article about the infrastructure projects that longtime partner GrantWorks is “extremely professional” and with these projects “the County keeps on moving forward.” Matagorda County is one of GrantWorks’ earliest clients, with a relationship dating back over 40 years that includes project management and close-out of over $15 million in grant-funded projects.  

“GrantWorks’ dedicated efforts and initiatives here aim to create a lasting impact that allows Matagorda County to thrive and prosper,” said Odom.

As a longtime partner of Matagorda County, GrantWorks provides administrative support, annual reporting, financial management, environmental screenings, labor standards, and much more. 

During the update, the GrantWorks team also discussed extension road work covered by Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and other community development projects in the County, including the Matagorda WD & WSC Water Plant Generators, Midfield Generators, Blessing Sewer Rehabilitation, and the Matagorda Conservation District Drainage. The grant funding also includes the Van Vleck Flood and Drainage project and the Van Vleck Lift Stations project. Pending projects reported include radars for the sheriff’s office, and funding for volunteer fire departments and the Matagorda VFD rescue boat.