Housing Programs

Building Stronger Communities Through Accessible Housing Programs
Grant housing programs made easy to support sustainable and accessible housing for underserved communities in need.

Turnkey Housing Solutions Tailored for Your Community’s Unique Needs

The mission at the heart of GrantWorks is to build stronger, smarter, and more resilient communities through grant housing programs. We believe everyone deserves access to quality housing and we place particular focus on supporting populations that need it most.

With over 30 years of successful implementation, our Housing Division provides all your housing assistance program needs. We’ve managed the rehabilitation or reconstruction of thousands of homes for low-income or elderly residents through federally funded programs.

At GrantWorks, we go the extra mile to guide homeowners through the labyrinth of state and federal requirements, ensuring they’re qualified. It takes compassion to help people deal with what must seem like a paperwork nightmare, but it’s worth the effort as nothing is more exciting than handing a family the keys to their new home.


Our administrative and soft-costs services include:

  • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Environmental Clearance Procedures
  • Client Identification, Application Intake, and Eligibility Determination
  • Affirmative Marketing and Fair Housing Regulations
  • Filing of all required Close-out Information
  • Labor Standards Monitoring
  • Construction Management of Housing Rehabilitation/Reconstruction
  • Progress and Code Inspections
  • Completion of Contract Policies and Procedures
  • Monitoring attendance and follow-up, when needed

The GrantWorks Difference

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    2,000+ Housing Projects Completed

    We deliver enhanced organizational performance by incorporating lessons learned, best practices, and proven management tools. We bring the urgency to bring families home and make the communities better than they were before
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    400+ Nationwide Expert Workforce

    With a national workforce of over 400 subject matter experts, our team is equipped to handle virtually any type of grant program. We have successfully assisted over 600 state, county, and city government entities with grant program management services.
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    44+ Years' Experience in Grant Management

    For over 44 years, GrantWorks has developed into one of the nation’s leaders in grant management services. We’ve secured over $8 billion in assistance to hundreds of our communities to promote the success of future generations.

Administrative Services

Once a family is determined eligible for assistance, GrantWorks starts the regulatory process to design homes that are safe, resilient, and will exponentially improve their quality of life.

Environmental and Special Conditions

We assist and advise you in the conduct of all procedural steps necessary to obtain environmental clearance for each project type.

Completion, Approval, and Implementation of Policies and Procedures:

  • We help your team establish policies and procedures to ensure your housing program is administered in a fair and non-discriminatory process
  • Conduct application intake, determine eligibility and process all required documents
  • Assist in maintaining compliance with fair housing, affirmative marketing, and equal employment opportunity regulations

The Bid/Contract Award Process:

We assist and advise your team and homeowners with satisfying the federal procurement procedures, bid solicitation, and the qualifying and selection of the lowest qualified bidder for contract award.

Completion of Construction:

  • Prepare Contractor Qualification Guidelines and screen builder applicants for program qualification
  • Establish application process, application intake, and screen applicants and homes for feasibility and qualifications
  • Serve as liaison for the client during any construction-monitoring visit by staff representatives from monitoring agencies

Filing of all Required Close-out Information:

Assist with the preparing, obtaining, and submitting all documents necessary to close-out the contract.

Soft Cost Project Management Services

Plans/Work Write-Up:

  • Provide plans and specifications for homes to be reconstructed
  • Perform work write-up on each home approved for rehabilitation and justify reconstruction

Specification Manual and Preparation:

Prepare and provide a specification manual for homes to be reconstructed and/or rehabilitated

Cost Estimates & Schedules of Value:

  • Prepare cost estimates for homes approved for rehabilitation and/or rehabilitation
  • Prepare and submit a schedule of values to the funding agency as required for each draw

Environmental Review and Site-Specific Clearance:

Prepare and submit site-specific environmental reviews for clearance, as required by the Department

Pre-Construction Conference:

Conduct a pre-construction conference with the homeowner, contractor, and project administrator


  • Perform initial inspections to determine feasibility or rehabilitation vs. reconstruction
  • Conduct progress inspections to ensure compliance with minimum construction standards, local codes, and adopted construction specifications
  • Conduct final inspections

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