Broadband Consulting

Empowering Underserved Communities Since 1979
GrantWorks broadband consulting simplifies the complexity of federal funds project management.

Simplifying Complexity to Help Communities Close the Digital Divide

As a trusted broadband consulting partner, GrantWorks works alongside municipal governments, service providers, and state agencies to simplify the complexity of broadband federal funds project management. From strategic planning to fiber deployment, we facilitate reliable, affordable internet connection to bridge the digital divide and improve the quality of life in your communities.

The recently enacted Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) has introduced significant funding for broadband development to bridge the digital divide and ensure all Americans have access to reliable, high speed, affordable internet. This is in addition to broadband funding available through state and federal programs, such as the American Rescue Plan Act, which improve economic resiliency, increase access to healthcare services, and enrich educational experiences.

GrantWorks has an entire department dedicated to the management and oversight of broadband grants. We work with state, local, and tribal governments, state broadband offices, economic development organizations, industrial development agencies, and internet service providers (ISPs).


Our Broadband Services include:

  • Time-sensitive and critical technical support to identify unserved and underserved broadband coverage areas
  • Assistance in the procurement of optimal broadband providers to construct open and accessible public broadband infrastructure
  • Assistance in leveraging allocated state or federal funds to secure other funding sources

The GrantWorks Difference

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    50+ Years of Specialized Telecom & Broadband Experience

    Our team has 50+ years of specialized telecom and broadband experience to the team, including the evaluation of federal, state, and local government broadband grants.
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    400+ Nationwide Workforce of Experts

    With a national workforce of over 400 subject matter experts, our team is equipped to handle virtually any type of grant program. We have successfully assisted over 600 state, county, and city government entities with grant program management services.
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    44+ Years' Experience in Grant Management

    For over 44 years, GrantWorks has developed into one of the nation’s leaders in grant management services. We’ve secured over $8 billion in assistance to hundreds of our communities to promote the success of future generations.

Our Broadband Services

Our Broadband Services Department offers an advisor and partner with the perfect combination of specialized, in-house grant management, including consulting, research, data analysis, mapping, and project management for all aspects of broadband deployment grants.

Pre-Grant Consulting

We’ve managed multiple types of federal funding, including ARPA, FEMA, and DOT, for over 40 years. Our experience includes braiding multiple grants and identifying eligibility and compliance criteria for each funding source. We’ll partner with you to navigate the broadband grant funding mechanisms and maximize limited taxpayer resources.

Procurement Services

Our top-rated application and implementation team stands ready to assist your community with a variety of procurement services to obtain vendors for broadband deployment projects.

Broadband Availability Data Analysis and Mapping

Our GIS analysts are fully equipped to provide mapping and data analysis to identify eligible broadband service areas and potential areas with disproportionate impacts. We layer mapping data from providers to represent the scope of proposed broadband projects.

Grant Program Management

Our employees and executive team work alongside your community to make decisions in your best interest for project management, including coordination with broadband providers and grant compliance. We’ll help you avoid non-compliance issues that can lead to costly delays, unfavorable public disclosure, notices of regulatory findings, and federal funds’ clawback.

Provider Negotiation

We will take the lead in negotiating technical and operational details with ISPs to ensure optimal outcomes for your community.

Get Broadband Funding for Your Community