American Rescue Plan Act

Are Your ARPA Funds in Compliance? Avoid Government Clawback & Act Now!

Are You Confident With Your ARPA Compliance?

Did you know that American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) must be 100% obligated by December 31, 2024 and 100% expended by December 31, 2026?

GrantWorks’ expertise in federal program management and compliance offers substantial benefits in navigating complex matters and the many requirements around ARPA funding.

Our cross-functional team will work with you to find creative ways to obligate and expend your funds and also produce an audit-friendly closeout package – giving you confidence in your program’s compliance and performance.


Our ARPA Experts Provide You:

  • Free Consultation
  • Program Audit Analysis Tools
  • Close-out Checklists
  • Reporting Assistance
  • Expert Compliance Guidance
  • Project Management Software Tool

There's No Time To Waste

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    Begin With End in Mind

    GrantWorks philosophy - It's never too soon to start thinking about how you're going to close out your program. We want to help you keep your money - remember, Compliance is Key!
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    Free Consultation

    GrantWorks' ARPA experts are here to help you! Let us provide a free consultation to determine your needs and provide tools, templates, documents, and guidance for a path to compliance, and ultimately success.
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    ARPA Expertise

    Our cross-functional team works with you to produce an audit-friendly closeout package giving you confidence while dealing with the many compliance requirements around federal funding.

ARPA Review Assurance Offering

Your funds are obligated and your program is underway, but is it in compliance? ARPA guidance has changed substantially throughout the program’s life-cycle. While it has become more flexible, reporting and compliance requirements have grown. GrantWorks’ Review Assurance (RA) service offering encompasses three stages: Planning, Review, and Reporting/Corrective Action Plans.

Planning: Operational Understanding for Path Forward

Working with you, we provide a comprehensive ARPA Monitoring Plan, Risk Controls Assessment, Communications Plan, and access to our proprietary grant management tool, GW 20/20, to track and manage progress.

Review: Quality Assurance Checks & Balances

Our specialists conduct a systematic review via GrantWorks ARPA Quality Assurance Review Packet and provide you results along with an ARPA Closeout Checklist.

Reporting/Corrective Action Plans: Establishing Path to Success

We report findings, recommend actions for potential compliance issues, and implement continuous improvement plans via an ARPA QA Review Packet, QA Report, Corrective Action Plan, and numerous resources to ensure your success.


ARPA Obligation Management Tools

GrantWorks’ Obligation Management Tools (OMT) service offering is designed to assist ARPA recipients that to date have obligated 33% or less of their total ARPA allocation. We understand you have specific obstacles – Our ARPA Team leverages its experience and resources to support your ARPA program to meet SLFRF obligation and expenditure deadlines. Our OMT work plan encompasses four stages: Discovery, Design/Initiation, Implementation, and Close-Out.

Discovery: Supporting Successful Program & Project Deliveries

Working with you, we will develop and implement strategic designs, stakeholder network workflows, and risk prioritization measures

Design/Initiation: Tailored Tools & Processes for Success

Our aim is to standardize your ARPA program, minimize compliance risks, and streamline reporting processes.

Implementation: Achieving Compliance & Minimizing Corrective Actions

Each project within your portfolio will receive specialized 1-on-1 attention, ensuring the installation of the best federal grant monitoring practices.

Close-Out: Facilitating a Smooth Audit & Close-Out Process

Our goal is to provide you with a well-documented and transparent process that ensures compliance with auditing standards while effectively managing and accounting for the utilization of ARPA funds.

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