Program Management

The Services Your Community Needs, How and When You Need Them.
GrantWorks is committed to helping communities improve economic vitality and maintain livability by offering grant program management.

An all-in-one experience built for your community.

GrantWorks leverages strong project management methodology built upon industry-standard best practices focused on proven processes, meticulous controls, and frequent and timely communication.

We guide and assist with financial management, recordkeeping, scope changes, reporting, and other aspects of program implementation. We prepare all forms, notices, and agenda items to keep your program on track.


Our Program Management Services include:

  • Project monitoring and compliance
  • Financial management
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Project design and implementation
  • Project scope identification and implementation
  • Compliance and audit readiness support

The GrantWorks Difference

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    17 Certified Project Management Professionals

    Our expert PMPs have worked with multiple governmental agencies and vendors to manage projects for over 600 customers, finishing on time and on budget, ensuring success for our communities.
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    44+ Years' Experience in Grant Management

    For over 44 years, GrantWorks has developed into one of the nation’s leaders in grant management services. We’ve secured over $8 billion in assistance for hundreds of our communities to promote the success of future generations.
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    400+ Nationwide Grant Experts

    With a national workforce of over 400 subject matter experts, our team is equipped to handle virtually any type of grant program. We have successfully assisted over 600 state, county, and city government entities with grant program management services.

Our Program Management Services

GrantWorks bases its robust grant administration methodology upon industry-standard best practices focused on proven processes, meticulous controls, and frequent and timely communications. Our Program Management Team has experts in project implementation and service-oriented activities, including working with nonprofits, small businesses, and community service providers. Our program support team includes experts in procurement and bidding, engineer/contractor coordination, financial management, and other federal grant management requirements.

GW 20/20 Grant Management Portal

The customizable GW20/20 system tracks and reports on ongoing grant administration activities while efficiently managing and monitoring grant funds

Procurement Policy Review

  • We review existing client procurement policies and/or provide 2 CFR 200 compliant procurement policies, and procedures, and review/provide procurement documents as requested for eligibility, allowability, allocability, and cost reasonableness.
  • Assist with procurement related activities, including Labor Compliance documents, as requested.

Compliance Monitoring

  • Perform on-site and desk-top monitoring for compliance, including labor, acquisition, environmental mitigation, procurement, and construction (as applicable)
  • Develop Compliance and monitoring policies and procedures to provide audit-ready files using a strategy that is risk- based, collaborative, and consistent with state/federal requirements

Reporting Plan

  • We provide an updated Reporting Matrix and Reporting Plan, with initial templates and reports on progress, production, financial, and ad hoc topics
  • We also provide regular updates with the client’s designated contact person, project engineers, construction contractors, and others

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