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Since our founding in 1979, GrantWorks has assisted over 625 state, county, and city government entities in the design and delivery of a wide range of critical federal and state grant-funded programs and projects.

Boasting a national workforce and licensing throughout the U.S., GrantWorks has grown to one of the nation’s leading providers of Infrastructure, Single-Family & Multi-Family Housing, Transportation, Broadband, Public Buildings and Facilities, Community and Economic Development, Disaster Recovery, Mitigation, and Resilience grant program management services for state and local governments.

We’ve secured and managed over $10 billion dollars in assistance while helping our nation’s most affected communities become stronger, smarter, and more resilient.

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Our History

GrantWorks provides comprehensive grant management services spanning the entire lifecycle, from project identification, selection, grant writing, and application development to grant administration and closeout. Our highly specialized grant services support state and local government clients in the areas of infrastructure, housing, community and economic development, broadband consulting, transportation, environmental, coastal protection, and disaster recovery, mitigation, and resilience.

Bruce Spitzengel initially founded GrantWorks in 1979 with a focus on the administration of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) under the Texas State small cities program, providing grant assistance to local governments for infrastructure and comprehensive planning. Under his leadership, we continue to deliver quality expertise, encourage creativity and collaboration, and strive for continuous improvement. Our growing workforce of nationwide professionals has assisted over 600 commercial and government entities secure and manage over $10 billion in federal and state grant-funded projects.

Over a span of 44+ years, we have successfully leveraged our proven people, processes, and tools to become one of the nation’s leading providers of grant services. Our agile decision-making process and continued efforts to remain innovative have resulted in new business ventures and national expansion for GrantWorks. As we continue our nationwide expansion, we remain committed to our mission to deliver sustainable, cost-effective solutions to support stronger, smarter, and more resilient communities.

Types of Projects We Support


Multi-Family and Single-Family Housing

Economic Recovery and Resilience

Workforce Development

Technology-Based Economic Development


Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development

Main Street Development

Strategic Planning

Green/Climate Efforts

Why GrantWorks?

At our core, GrantWorks is a service organization for the beneficiaries of federal and state-funded programs that ultimately improve the quality of life in our communities. We work closely with state and local governments to provide the highest quality of services to optimize the intended benefits offered by the programs we support. Collaboration, inclusivity, respect, responsiveness, and technical excellence are the hallmarks of GrantWorks’ services and provide the foundation for successful long-term partnerships with our valued clients in Public Service. Maximizing the transformational benefit potential for those most directly assisted by these vital programs is our mission, passion, and ultimate measure of success.

Community Preservation in Action
"I’m more impressed with GW personnel, programs, helpfulness, and successful accomplishments with each phone call, in-person meeting, and project completion!"
Bill M. Stewart, CPM, City Administrator, Huntington, TX - HOME Grant Bill M. Stewart, CPM, City Administrator, Huntington, TX - HOME Grant
"I wish to express my heartfelt thank you for this gift. Having been in the hospital 3 times in the last 12 months, I still have thousands in co-pays remaining. With high costs for medicine, it has been difficult to pay all of my medical bills. Thank you so very much."
Medical Debt Relief Beneficiary Medical Debt Relief Beneficiary
"GrantWorks is awesome. Each and every one of their employees has a professional, friendly attitude. They make the entire grant process so easy for me. Thank you GrantWorks."
Donna Surber, City Secretary, Elkhart, TX Donna Surber, City Secretary, Elkhart, TX
"GrantWorks' consistent engagement keeps us informed on our grant progress, scheduled grant requirements, and helps us to identify and discuss any emerging issues. They have helped improve the quality and efficiency of our EDA grant compliance."
Chris Masingill, CEO, St. Tammany Corp., LA - EDA Grant Chris Masingill, CEO, St. Tammany Corp., LA - EDA Grant

Causes We Support

  • Adopt a Beach
  • Daily News Press Run
  • $200,000 Donated to 30+ Charities
  • Central Texas Food Bank
  • GrantWorks Employee Paid Time Off Volunteer Program
  • Contributed $10 million to Medical Debt Relief Program

Meet Our Team

Bruce Spitzengel

Bruce Spitzengel

Eric Hartzell

Eric Hartzell

Executive Vice President
Tres Davis

Tres Davis

Senior Vice President
Martha Arosemena

Martha Arosemena

Senior Vice President
Rick Faircloth

Rick Faircloth

Senior Vice President, State & Local Government Services
Jo Carroll

Jo Carroll

Senior Vice President, Program Operations
Ken Pevovar, PMP

Ken Pevovar, PMP

Senior Vice President, Program Management
Holly Miller, JD

Holly Miller, JD

Vice President, Florida State & Local Government Services
Valarie Philipp, PE

Valarie Philipp, PE

Vice President, Disaster Recovery Programs
Katie Smith

Katie Smith

Vice President, Broadband & Community Partnerships
James L. Young, Jr.

James L. Young, Jr.

Associate Vice President, State & Local Government Services
Julie Norman, Ed.D, CEcD

Julie Norman, Ed.D, CEcD

Associate Vice President, Economic Development

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