GrantWorks Introduces GW 20/20: An Innovative Grant Management Solution

Written by GrantWorks, Inc. Updated on Sep. 19, 2023

A Note from Ben Holt, Associate Vice President of Business Technology Solutions 

As an industry leader in grant administration, program management, and technical consulting services for state and local governments, GrantWorks focuses on continuous improvement by using the latest technical advances. Our founder and President, Bruce Spitzengel, created a Business Technology Solutions team to keep us on the forefront of emerging tech trends. In two years’ time, this team of 10 professionals has developed many time saving automations, including the revolutionary grant management system, GW 20/20.

This secure proprietary online platform provides solid and customizable solutions for our client communities. GW 20/20 can provide custom client branded public facing portals and interfaces facilitating immediate application reviews, qualifying prospective recipients, generating award letters, and much more.

One recent success story is a public facing portal for processing applications for a small business grant program. It provides funding assistance to businesses experiencing hardships related to COVID-19. We quickly created a secure and user friendly online application portal to accommodate a complete application cycle that seamlessly integrated the processes. This allowed us to evaluate the information submitted by applicants, respond to them, and keep them informed each step of the way. 

Our innovative solutions help discover gaps in applications, notify applicants to close those gaps, and create a more efficient process flow. Because our solutions are both modular and customizable, clients can achieve better response times to the public when it matters most.

This single GW 20/20 build has accommodated 930+ applications from the public since February 1, 2023. Out of those applications, 254 were eligible for funding. GrantWorks’ GW 20/20 online portal is now facilitating the disbursement of $3.5 million for approved applications – for this one program alone.

GW 20/20 helps us continue to revolutionize grant management operations and is paving the way for a more efficient and streamlined future. Our innovative platform will empower clients to seamlessly manage their applications and overcome obstacles more rapidly. With GW 20/20, the future of grant management and client services is brimming with possibilities, and we are excited to unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to help you achieve your goals.

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