Making a Difference: GrantWorks’ Diana Dubois’ Inspirational Acts of Volunteerism and Community Impact

Written by GrantWorks, Inc. Updated on Jul. 11, 2023
Diana Dubois, Proposal Manager, GrantWorks

Diana Dubois is a Proposal Manager with a passion for helping communities across the globe. She started working with GrantWorks in 2022 and holds over 26 years of proposal and marketing experience. Alongside her role with GrantWorks, Diana volunteers her time to aid women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In her current position as Proposal Manager, Diana oversees the creation of compliant and compelling documents for client-requested proposals, qualifications, and information. She has a talent for matching messaging to strategy and a passion for improving efficiency and quality across work processes. Diana’s broad marketing background and expertise in planning, brand management, and communication innovation make her a valuable part of the GrantWorks’ Proposals team.

Prior to joining GrantWorks, Diana worked as a Marketing Manager for Boka Powell in Dallas, TX, where she was the corporate marketing lead and oversaw the development and submission of proposals, qualifications packages, portfolios, and presentations. Before that, Diana was the Business Development Manager at Wilson Associates where she collaborated with local operations and design leadership to cultivate business opportunities.

Along with her background in grant proposals and marketing, Diana has been a member of Congo Restoration’s Board of Directors for twelve years. Congo Restoration is an organization founded with the mission to revitalize the Democratic Republic of Congo, one village at a time, by restoring hope and dignity to women and children brutalized by war.

“A close friend of mine helped found the organization in 2008, and I was inspired by her determination to make a difference. I am truly amazed by the life-changing impact of our programs,” said Diana when asked about joining Congo Restoration.

Congo Restoration began in 2008 with an effort to aid 30 children orphaned during a rebel attack in their village. Since then, it has transformed into a movement that challenges the cycle of poverty in the Eastern Congo. They have three programs, all focused on education:

  • A sewing school that teaches women a skill to support their families and trains them to start their own business. To date, nearly 800 students have graduated from the program.
  • An all-girls primary school with 150 students in first through fifth grades. Because education isn’t free or mandatory, many girls in rural DRC do not even get an elementary education. If families can afford the fees, they usually opt to send their boys.  
  • A college scholarship program that fully funds university educations for young people in the Congo Restoration community, so that they will be able to lift up their families, their village, and their country for years to come. This program has supported two college graduates, with an additional six students on scholarship. Several of the scholars were among the 30 orphans that led to the creation of Congo Restoration.

The largest part of Congo Restoration’s operating expenses is dedicated to providing breakfast and lunch to primary school students to ensure they are healthy and ready to learn. They routinely hold fundraisers to provide backpacks and uniforms, as well as sewing machines and supplies to help women launch a business when the graduate from the sewing school.

Congo Restoration’s latest focus is to raise $7,500 to build and furnish a library at the primary school. “Our primary school was the beneficiary of a book drive, and now we need a place to put them,” said Diana. The building will also be used as an administrative office and a community meeting space when school isn’t in session. Diana will be traveling to Africa for the first time this summer.

When reflecting on her background in helping communities, Diana said, “GrantWorks’ mission to build stronger, smarter, more resilient communities is perfectly aligned with my work with Congo Restoration and my personal desire to effect change in the world. The concept of providing “help for today, hope for tomorrow” is exactly what we are doing in the Congo.”

GrantWorks is thankful for Diana’s dedication to helping both local areas through grant proposals and in Africa. To learn more about Congo Restoration or donate to their cause, check out Home – Congo Restoration.