Celebrating Women’s History Month

Betty Collier, Former GrantWorks Director of Client Services

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re recognizing GrantWorks’ former Director of Client Services, Betty Collier, a woman who was monumental to GrantWorks’ success.

Betty Collier was a lifelong Texan who dedicated her career to public service. Betty was passionate about working directly with city and county staff to navigate the world of grants, coordinating applications, resolutions, public hearings, procurement, payments, and on-site visits. Her first local government job was serving as Driscoll’s City Secretary, which she did for seven years. During this role, Betty selected GrantWorks as the city’s consultant, and it was there that she began to know the GrantWorks’ team. After leaving Driscoll, Betty was hired as the City of Bishop’s City Administrator, and she served as Nueces County Fire District 3 Commissioner.

Betty joined GrantWorks in 1998 as a Texas Community Development Block Grant (TxCDBG) Certified Administrator. Her mission was to remove the stress of grants from her clients so they could focus on their duties, and she could focus on providing the help they needed.

Betty often attended public hearings, City Council and Commissioners’ Court meetings, and on-site monitoring visits. Our Executive Vice President, Eric Hartzell remembers how her warm personality and giving nature made Betty the perfect fit for the role.

A young Betty (Oster) Collier.

“Though she worked hard traveling across the state to visit clients, attending countless council and court meetings, shepherding the client services team, and providing time-sensitive elements for hundreds of grant applications, she always had a ready grin and a story to share.”

Eric Hartzell, GrantWorks Executive Vice President
GrantWorks’ Executive Vice President Eric Hartzell presenting the Betty Collier Memorial Scholarship to recipient Imelda Rodriguez.

Betty was a member of GrantWorks for 22 years, and she continuously excelled within the company. She was Director of Client Services at the time of her death in 2020. Betty was beloved by GrantWorks employees alongside dozens of Texas city and county contacts for her steady hand, warmth, and humor.

“Betty made some of the toughest parts of the grant business so much more interesting and fun,” said Hartzell.

To continue honoring Betty’s spirit and dedication to her community, GrantWorks sponsors the Betty Collier Memorial Scholarship through the Texas Municipal City Clerks Association. The scholarship is presented to one deserving candidate over the next ten years to assist in their completion of or recertification of the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program (TMCCP). 

Betty was an integral team member of GrantWorks and was beloved and respected by her co-workers. We want to keep her memory alive as an invaluable member of our company and influential woman who helped people everywhere across her home-state.