Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrating Pride Month at GrantWorks

Written by GrantWorks, Inc.

An Open Letter from Tres Davis, Senior Vice President

As someone who came out 35+ years ago and who will soon celebrate 30 years of togetherness with my husband (no that is not him in the picture), Pride Month has always provided a time to both reflect and celebrate.

As a GrantWorks employee, Pride Month is extremely important to me – both personally and professionally – for the following reasons:

Fostering a Supportive Workplace

GrantWorks actively demonstrates its commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. Seeing GrantWorks celebrate and acknowledge Pride reinforces that I work in a place where diversity is valued and where every employee is respected, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Progress and Pride

For me, Pride is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made toward equality and to honor the struggles and achievements of those who came before. Being able to express your true self at work and knowing your company supports you can be incredibly empowering and validating.

Enhancing Workplace Culture

By celebrating diversity and promoting equality, GrantWorks helps create an environment where everyone feels appreciated. This environment not only improves morale and job satisfaction but also makes GrantWorks a more attractive and progressive employer.

Reflecting on Social Progress

Pride is a time to reflect on the broader social progress toward LGBTQ+ rights and equality. It is an opportunity to consider how far society has come and how much further there is to go. The more visible we are, the more likely it is someone will realize that they know a member of the LGBTQ+ community. This realization often changes people’s negative perceptions and preconceived notions about the gay community.

Personal Fulfillment

It is personally gratifying to work for an organization that not only supports but also celebrates the identities and rights of all its employees.

I strongly believe that LGBTQ+ community visibility is important to fostering acceptance. I hope you will join me in celebrating Pride Month and in celebrating the diversity and inclusiveness that makes GrantWorks special!