Jefferson County

After Hurricane Rita devastated communities throughout Jefferson County GrantWorks employees went to work for the county taking applications and qualifying homeowners for assistance.

Despite a record turn-out of people applying for assistance, GrantWorks was able to quickly qualify eligible applicants.

Two of the households were located in Sabine Pass.  The floodplain in the area required the homes to be elevated 12 feet.  TDHCA would not approve exceeding the per-unit cap of $55,000 for reconstruction to elevate these homes.  The unusually high elevation pushed all bids above the per unit cap.

After lengthy negotiations with the Department and members of the legislature a creative solution was agreed upon.  CDBG funds were allocated for the elevation of these homes.  These homes were completed two years after the original Jefferson County Contract award.

The Sabine Pass homes were the final two homes completed under the Jefferson County HOME contract.  GrantWorks successfully expended the full contract; overseeing the construction of thirty-six (36) homes before any other federally funded houses were constructed in the area.