City of Angleton

The City of Angleton had severalDisaster Recovery needs with city-wide impact and hoped to apply for one of these needs, an emergency power generator at its Wastewater Treatment Plant, under Round 2.1.  In order to receive this assistance the city had to achieve the required 51% low-to-moderate income (LMI) threshold that was in force for all Round 2.1 applicants.  Angleton’s LMI percentage based on 2000 Census and HUD data was just under 46% with a total population of 18,539 persons.  GrantWorks’ team of grant application experts, GIS specialists, and income surveyors used a combination of targeted door-to-door income surveys, assisted multi-family housing certifications, and Census block data substitution techniques, to  surpass the threshold with a final State approved city-wide LMI of 52%. This task was the first and most critical in securing more than $500,000 for the City of Angleton’s new WWTP generator.