Brazoria County

Brazoria County experienced severe flooding and extended power outages as a result of category 5 Hurricane Ike in 2008. The County was declared a federal disaster area and eligible for Disaster Recovery assistance to help repair the extensive damage.

In Round 1 of the Disaster Recovery Program Brazoria County applied for over $8.0 million for the impacted unincorporated areas and cities in the county. The County’s application totaled more than 600 pages in its documentation and description of twenty-six different construction projects in twenty cities and six districts across the county. Many of these projects were comprised of multiple “sub-projects” of the same activity but at different locations, which totaled over 100 individual sites.

The GrantWorks team coordinated with several County departments, the cities and districts, and their various engineers to create eligible projects, identify and document beneficiaries, and produce various maps, and application materials over the course of several months.

The application included ten additional funding streams outside the Disaster Recovery Program that had to be documented, including FEMA Public Assistance, Hazard Mitigation, local FEMA match, and in-kind engineering services. GrantWorks generated the overall project budgets to include these funds, funds for the Environmental Service Provider, local administration, engineering, and various project activities all within the overall County allocation.

GrantWorks was able to demonstrate “failure to function” for each project and document the low and moderate income beneficiaries as required to qualify each of the 26 projects under the CDBG Disaster Recovery rules. Despite its complexity, the county’s application was one of the earliest submitted to the State.